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1956 White Bentley S-1 Vintage limousine Gallery

Special Day Limos is proud to introduce you to our Beautiful Vintage Limousine “Tiffany

Our 1956 White Bentley S-1 Vintage Limousine was delivered to us ten years ago, right off the streets of London! This car is a beautiful white exterior with a tan and black interior. It is equipped with AC that works and will accommodate up to 6’4” in the back seat.  Any expectations you would have about how a Bentley Vintage Limousine should run and ride down the road, This car will live up to your expectation. Imagine this car at your wedding reception. Your guest will be flocking around your Vintage Limousine getting the picture with this car. Let’s face it every one likes a Bentley and this car will put that on the map! It will accommodate the largest dresses and will be so much fun to ride down the road in. Our Bentley has lines that are for the old and young at heart and will set your departure apart with your Bentley Vintage Limousine. Any one can rent a stretch, only 1 percent of the Atlanta Weddings can enjoy this car. Make  you Wedding Day stand out with a Classic like this Bentley Vintage Limousine.

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1956 White Bentley S-1
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