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What we are about

We are always questioned on what we do for a wedding. We are the finest Classic limousine Service in Atlanta. Per year we do more weddings then all the Classic Limousine providers in Atlanta combined! We are truly honored that you and your family allow us to be a part of your special day. Truly at the end of the day and the dust settles, if you drive home in a Ford truck you will have the same results, your going to be married. We can add a truly great experience to that part of your day, weather picking up the bride and her dad, taking them to the church. Standing for the service, loading the bride and groom with champagne for that first toast to start there lives together. Delivering them to there reception and taking them to there hotel when it is all over and a bottle of champagne and glasses to take to there room for that private and personal toast for there first night together. or simply taking you for your get away car after your reception. Our cars make this part of  your day very special. They are amazing cars, have great AC and any expectations you might have about a Rolls Royce or Bentley, they live up to there great name. Last week I had the honor of spending the whole day in Augusta GA with the Rhodes family. When I arrived with the car Lauren Rhodes greeted me and treated me like they had known me all there life. Father Carl went out of his way to include me completely right down to letting me attend the wedding and fed me like it was going to be my last meal. The job they did with Clyde Farr there coordinator was off the chart…I mean OFF THE CHART! There video crew from Ocean Wide + Studios  at  were amazing they truly finished the video I am posting before the father daughter dance at the reception and showed it on the big screen right there!! I am bring this up because I am linking there video to this post because, one it is amazing, two the bride and groom for Stunning!, three it really shows you what we are about. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do, it is not two long about 2 min’s but really shows you what we do as a company with our Classic Limousines and our Vintage Limousines. Please follow the link below, enjoy and Feel free to comment.







She is MINE!!

Some of you may know Coby Brooks former CEO Hooters, now CEO of Twin Peaks. We had the privilege of transporting  him and his new bride. I will tell you that he is one heck of a nice guy, and she was stunning. I was just standing there while there photographer took picture and caught this one with my phone camera. It simply said to me “She Is Mine” They were a blast and I got to stay for most of the event and it was amazing. This blog is more to say that remember the “First look of your bride or groom” store that in your heart and remember it when things are not quit so great with you…it will bring you back to earth! Thanks Coby for allowing Special Day Limos to be a part of your wedding day…you could have chose any body but chose us, We are honored by that….Jack

I love you

It is always so amazing when I pick up our brides and grooms, to find that there are some couple’s that are so in love!! Recently I picked up at the venue King Plow in Atlanta and Brook and Spencer said exactly that.! “I LOVE YOU!” They were so excited to be married and the chatter that went on in the back seat said it all. Some times I wish I could record the conversation between the bride and groom for the parents sake. I have never heard any of our rides fail to say how much there parents meant to them on this day. Brooks and Spencer were no exception. We had a great ride around Atlanta before dropping them off at there hotel with champagne and glasses to toast there first evening as husband and wife…it is a great honor to be a part of that. For the record We at Special Day Limo’s really care about our customers. Jack Shelton

Hello I’m Jack! 3/22/13

Hello there, Jack Shelton Here! Finally you will be able to put the face with that  “Guy” on the phone. Special Day Limos is a company that has your heart as our best interest in what we do.  We look forward every week end to serve our wonderful Brides and Grooms. As we pull into the lot at your Church or your Wedding venue, we love to be the talk of the day. We would like to thank our 2013 Brides and Grooms that have booked with us so far this year. Thank you, Thank you!