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She is MINE!!

She is MINE!!

Some of you may know Coby Brooks former CEO Hooters, now CEO of Twin Peaks. We had the privilege of transporting  him and his new bride. I will tell you that he is one heck of a nice guy, and she was stunning. I was just standing there while there photographer took picture and caught this one with my phone camera. It simply said to me “She Is Mine” They were a blast and I got to stay for most of the event and it was amazing. This blog is more to say that remember the “First look of your bride or groom” store that in your heart and remember it when things are not quit so great with you…it will bring you back to earth! Thanks Coby for allowing Special Day Limos to be a part of your wedding day…you could have chose any body but chose us, We are honored by that….Jack

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